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Hi, I'm Jill

and there's room for you here.

I've spent a lot of my life wondering why and how my interests of yoga and comedy made sense together.

I think the answer is they both provide me creative and healing opportunities outside of 'regular' life. BUT, once within these spaces, among the other performers and practitioners, I have at some point felt like I didn't belong, or that my voice wasn't important; that I didn't look the part.

Or I've felt that my friends and loved ones wouldn't be welcome either.

I questioned what I was being taught, who I looked up to as authorities; I questioned what people thought was funny and why.

Many spaces within these communities exist as places of exclusion; celebrating hierarchies of power and ability. Pushing us beyond where we feel safe so that we might be able to fit in somewhere. Making jokes at the expense of those who exist outside our in-groups.

Here, I hope to cultivate a space and community where we can just...BE together. We may be moving, or studying, or playing, or listening, or laughing, or writing. No matter what we are doing, we only do as much as we want, on our pace. We celebrate those moments where we find a little more peace with ourselves, where we are right now.

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