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Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Modules and Workshops

If you haven't read about my yoga teaching experience and studies yet, you can learn more about me HERE!


My primary workshop topics are class sequencing accessibility; integration and demonstration of yoga props in classes; and using non-hierarchical, non-leveling, non-judgmental language in our yoga classes.

The audiences I teach to are primarily:
1) Yoga Teachers who want to learn how to plan classes for a wide variety of students, and to safely add creativity and theming to their sequencing.

2) Yoga Teacher Trainees who can begin their teaching journeys with an accessibility mindset and with an understanding of the history of Yoga.

3) Yoga Practitioners/Students who are seeking more autonomy in classes they are attending; ways to make the classes suit their own bodies and minds each time they come to practice.


These can be adapted for different time limits, minimum 2 hours, and can be mixed/matched depending on your curriculum and budget. For each workshop I will have handouts that I will distribute, and I will connect with you ahead of time to make sure you have the texts and/or props needed to carry out the workshops in your space/studio (you will need to purchase/obtain those on your own).

Brief History of Yoga Timeline (2 hours)

In this session, we trace back a timeline of yoga's history, the uses of the word "yoga" in different historical and philosophical contexts, and see how yoga practices moved and changed over time to get to the Modern Postural Yoga we mostly know and practice in the West.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras History and Key Terms/Concepts Overview (2-4 Hours)

In this session, we explore the philosophical context and traditions that the Yoga Sutras drew from at the time they were compiled (around 400 CE), as well as key concepts that are detailed in the text, particularly in Chapters 1 and 2: Stilling the Mind, Tattvas, Karma and Cycle of Rebirths, Klesas, and Astangayoga (8-Support System).

Chair-Supported Yoga (2 Hours for Overview, or a 4-hour workshop with breaks)

In this session, we talk about the reasons students might use a chair as a support in yoga classes, how other yoga props can be used in conjunction with our chairs, general accessible class cuing ideas and considerations, and demonstrations of several poses and sequences with the chair.

Inclusive Language and Cuing (2 Hours)

In this session, we will discuss suggestions for creating a welcoming experience for your students, starting before the students have even walked through your doors. We will practice a variety of sequencing and cuing ideas to offer students to keep them safe in their poses AND the transitions in between poses.

Supported Arm Balances (2 Hours for Overview, or multiple 90-minute sessions to explore specific poses in greater detail)

In this session/these sessions, we will explore a variety of ways to assist our students in preparation to invert and shift support onto the arms. Not all arm balances are created equal, though! They each utilize different prep and different ways to be supported so that our students can find courage and trust in themselves while they attempt these poses. We will break down as many of these poses as time allows and learn how to integrate these supported options into the overall class sequence. 


At this time, I am offering live Zoom/Virtual workshops and KC-local in-person trainings, but I am also open to the possibility of pre-recording training modules for your group and/or traveling to your local studio if it will make sense for me to do so. Please reach out even if you aren't sure yet! We'll talk through options!

CONTACT ME to set up a free planning meeting for your group -- I'll need to know your class size, which workshop(s) you are contacting me to teach, date options for training, and your budget, and we'll go from there!

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