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Hello there! I'm Jill Gillespie (she/hers)! I made Kansas City my home back in 2004, and I'll probably stay here forever. When I left South Dakota, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I did know I was always drawn to performing and my Psychology studies. ​Living in a fat body has also shaped how I relate to the world and what I've been willing to try on this path of self-discovery. A big part of my early years in KC was steeped in dieting, over-exercising, over-exerting, people-pleasing, and burn out. 

Professionally, I was gaining experience and momentum as a volunteer coordinator, trainer, and workshop presenter. I love seeing projects from the highest view and helping identify and streamline processes to help every participant in that project along the way. I love helping people feel ready and comfortable to perform their work ahead. I also completed several Yoga Teacher Training programs, and am now an improv comedian! It's been a wonderful journey of self-study and growth. And my love of Psychology and performing is still very part of my life.


I'm so excited to offer a variety of classes, workshops, and and coaching services to help you feel ready to tackle your projects and work with your students/teams, too. My specialties are helping yoga teachers and students, and improv comedy teams. I also have over 15 years of technical support team/end user training experience in both for-profit and nonprofit environments, as well as several years of volunteer coordinating and event planning experience.

I want to meet you where you are, learn what your personal capacity is, and work within those very real boundaries. 

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