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My Yoga Teaching Schedule

Room to BE is my home/virtual yoga studio based out of my home in the Waldo Neighborhood of KC, MO.

Virtual Group Classes take place over Zoom, and most classes are recorded and added to the Video Library that can be purchased separately for you to keep. Click on a class name in the schedule below to learn more and to sign up! The schedule is run by a 3rd party app - Ubindi, which has its own login, billing, etc.

I am also on the virtual class staff for Body Positive Fitness and teach 1-2 classes a week through their gym based in Toronto, ON, CA. 

Private, One-on-One Sessions take place on YOUR schedule! These classes are your chance as a yoga practitioner, teacher, or teacher trainee to have sessions tailored to what you would like from the class. Because of the special scheduling and specific plans for your class, these sessions cost a bit more than coming by a weekly group class. You can choose from the Private/Coaching session slots that are pre-scheduled on my calendar, or you can reach out to arrange another time. You can pay per session, or access the "Packs" option below and prepay for 4 or 6 sessions (which will give you a discount on each session overall). Once I see you've purchased a Coaching Pack, I'll reach out to you for planning. To learn more about what and how I teach, visit my Yoga Philosophy and Practice page.

For YTT Bookings, click HERE

For other Yoga Bookings, Click HERE

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