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My Teaching Schedule

Weekly Virtual Schedule.png

Room to BE is my home/virtual yoga studio based out of my home in the Waldo Neighborhood of KC, MO. I now have my Personal Training certification, too, so I now offer other movement/exercise classes through my studio, too!

Virtual Group Classes take place over Zoom, and most Room to BE classes are recorded and added to the Video Library that can be purchased separately for you to keep. Click on a class name HERE or in the schedule below to learn more and to sign up! The schedule is run by a 3rd party app - Ubindi, which has its own login, billing, etc.

Room to BE Personal Training/One-on-One Sessions - I have limited availability to offer private sessions of yoga, exercise, cardio, resistance training, or a little bit of everything! These sessions are set up through my Class Packs tab on my Ubindi page. Once you've made your initial payment, I'll send the email to coordinate meeting times with you, and to schedule a complimentary Zoom meeting to plan together! Minimum 2 session purchase required. Note there are different pricing options for Online versus In-Person. In Person sessions take place in my home studio in Waldo, and I will be vetting potential clients to make sure we are a good, safe fit together.

I am also on the virtual teaching and Personal Training staff for Body Positive Fitness and teach several classes a week through their online gym based in Toronto, ON, CA.

In Person Small Group Classes through my RtB studio are offered in my basement studio in Waldo, KC. Any offerings here will be for only up to 5 people. These are also included in my weekly schedule below.

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