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Team/Group Coaching

Let's Laugh Together!

If you have an improv team and are looking for a coach to facilitate rehearsals, you can Contact Me to set up ONE free meeting with your team to talk about the goals for your team and to have a short rehearsal -- at that point, you can then arrange additional coaching sessions as-needed, paid on a per-rehearsal basis based on team size and how far I have to travel to rehearsal -- My home yoga studio doubles as a rehearsal space* or we can meet over Zoom. If we don't 'click' at that session, it's OK! I'll probably have a great coach I can refer to you to!


*Must be willing to travel to Waldo neighborhood, KC, MO for that option! My studio is also in a basement, so there are stairs for entrance. If that is an accessibility barrier, let me know, and I will help arrange another meeting space.


If you are part of non-improv team (other type of theatre cast, co-workers, conference attendees, etc), who are looking for an improv class as a group activity, I can help! I have a roster of beginner-friendly games and activities that can help with group bonding and creative thinking.

I also have connections to other comedians if your event needs players for a performance rather than team-building activities (or a combination of both)! You can also contact me about those bookings as well.


I'm also a group yoga class teacher -- if you are looking to spend a whole retreat day with me, we can talk about adding a yoga practice session of your group's choosing to my booking for your event.

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