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Office/Corporate Yoga Bookings

I've spent almost 20 years working in office environments, and I understand how stressful things can be, and how it's hard to fathom taking a break from work to do something like yoga.

My Philosophy of Yoga as it relates to work is that it can really feel like we ARE our jobs sometimes. That line between the job we have and the person we are beyond our office can be hard to find sometimes.

A yoga practice, whether it's movement or breathing practices or philosophy studies, can help us find a bit of peace and centering in our weeks. The space we create beyond our work productivity allows us a chance to catch up with ourselves, regroup, and maybe find clarity where we are feeling stuck.


I'm here to help facilitate a yoga break, whatever that means for your team.

I can provide lunch-time, before, or after work classes in any style your team chooses. If you are near me in Kansas City, I can travel to your office if you have a space we can meet safely for this time together.

I also can provide Zoom sessions and classes where your team can meet at their own desks for a gentle practice during the day.

I'm available for retreat-style sessions if your team is gathering for activities outside of work. These can also potentially happen in person or on Zoom.

I can pre-record classes for your group to view on their own schedules.

Please fill out the Contact form and let me know the size of your group and what options/dates/times you are currently exploring for your team. I'll be happy to connect and have a free consulting call to prepare for our time together and put together a quote for services.


If you are planning a one-time event with your group, I also teach improv and have a variety of group bonding and creative thinking games if you're interested in spending a whole retreat day with me! 

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